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Courses for English Speakers

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Bob Cockeram from AAC(UK) on his way to Großvenediger 3667m

A Tale of Two Knots

...Herwig´s many pieces of sound advice will stay with me, I hope making me a saver more competent climber. Here are some of his mantras.

"Take out everything that´s not necessary."

"Be able to see clearely what every piece of equipment is doing."

"Keep your screw gates well and truly screwed."

And: "It´s a good idea not to fall on an alpine tour."...

...The course definetely exceeded our expectaions and, in managment speak, met our objectives. I´d like to thank Allan Hartley for encouraging me to go on the course and Thee AAC UK for the grant, also our thanks to Gabi and her team and Herwig Tobias for giving us such an excellent experience in Austria.

So I´ll end with another piece of advice from Herwig: "sometimes in life, you´ve just got to go for it!"

parts of a very nice feedback letter, written by Hilary Alexandra Elliot



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Basis & Training - Courses for English Speakers - Basic

Basic Klettersteige Training

An Introduction to technique and strategies on Via Ferratas
Veranstalter: Zentralstelle Akademie
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For members who have good hiking experience and are new to Klettersteige. You receive instructions about equipment, technique and tactics on via ferratas to attempt Klettersteige tours independent and on own responsibility.

Deadline for booking 12th July


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